Preview PDFs Directly on Shopify Product Pages

CBD certificates of analysis, book previews, manuals, spec sheets, and more. Let customers view your important documents without having to rip hair from their head – they’ll thank you for the experience and it’ll directly translate to more sales and better customer relationships.


Your customers will be able to view important product information instantly without any interruption in their buyer journey - you can bet it'll help convince more of your traffic to buy.

customer LTV

Making your buying experience as seamless as possible doesn't go unnoticed by customers - they'll think of your brand when they want a quality experience.

administrative flexibility

Our app is setup to to account for any workflow you have. Need to generate QR codes? Check. Need to attach files on emails/receipts? Check. We don't have something you need? Call us and it's done. Check.

designed for cbd stores

Boost CBD Sales with Your COA (On Page)

Mistrust is a given in the hemp industry. Show consumers how trustworthy you are by immediately highlighting your certificate of analysis with our various styling options and provide a frictionless buying experience by allowing them to stay on the product page while viewing the relevant product information (COAs).

DESIGNED FOR ebook stores

Sell More Ebooks with a Preview

The experience every customer expects in a bookstore – and wishes for online – enable customers to view books directly on your online store to sell more and differentiate yourself in the market. Ebook store AOVs can increase as well as consumers have more options and the ability to find what they like immediately.

Sell More By Giving More - UX That Gets To The Bottom Line.