Best Digital Downloads Apps for Shopify Merchants

Digital download apps are required for growing digital businesses – but they’re not all equal.

Many digital download apps on Shopify are just not right for merchants.

Hopefully, we’ll help you find the right one for your store in this guide.

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#1: Sky Pilot ‑ Digital Downloads by Corknine Development

With Sky Pilot – Digital Downloads, you can sell and automatically fulfill digital files, video, courses, music, and ebooks.

They offer options to monitor download activity and digital order management.

Corknine even lets you place specific download restrictions – restrict downloads to a limited number.

It’s not just download limits that are in place – you can limit access to expire over a period of time.

You can also combine physical products with digital downloads – without any interruptions in your fulfillment.

Shopify merchants that use the app love it – here are some points that are repeated throughout testimonials:

“Their improvements and updates are great. [They then go on to say how the new updates help their stores even more!]”

“Support is great and responsive.”

Sky Pilot’s Digital Downloads pricing is also competitive – free for development stores, $15 for a starting off with 1GB file storage, Vimeo integration for streaming video, and 20GB of monthly bandwidth.

Their next plan after that costs Shopify merchants around $30 per month, but then you get 5GB of file storage and an increase of bandwidth to 20GB (per month).

If you need more than that, you can always pay $75 per month for 25GB of file storage and 250GB of monthly bandwidth.

Check out this Shopify app on the app store.

#2: Single ‑ NFTs, Music & Video by Single, Inc

Sell NFTs, Music, Livestream Events, & Video Rentals.

It’s never been easier to sell audio and digital music on Shopify – sell high fidelity music (with support for albums, singles, beats, loops, and the option for automated chart reporting for the entire world)

Livestream Events & Video Rentals

Sell access to concerts, listening parties, and Q&As. Connecting with fans using livestreams brings a whole new meaning to connection.

Solana NFT Drops

You can sell these as standalone products (or upsells) but you’ll need to reach out to their support team before continuing to do so.

Upsell Functionality

You can promote products using the app’s upsell abilities – select items you want to feature/promote along with the items you want to trigger upsell offers for and that’s it!


Pay as you go model – visit to see the most updated numbers.

Here’s a picture of the current pricing model:

Check out this Shopify app on the app store.

#3: DrDownload Digital Downloads by Halley Software LLC

DrDownload Digital Downloads lets Shopify merchants EASILY sell digital products.

You connect your files to products, set restrictions (time or quantity) and let the app fulfill your digital orders on Shopify.

You can connect mp3s, PDFs, license keys, and more.

DrDownload will deliver your files through email or even make it accessible on the store page.

Most users have only good things to say about this digital download and fulfillment app.


At the free plan, you can expect to get around 1GB of storage, a maximum of 3 files along with unlimited products and orders. You’ll also get encryption & license keys included.

For $9.99 per month, you’re getting 3GB storage, download restrictions, and PDF stamping.

For $19.99 per month, you’ll get 20GB of storage and an audio player.

Finally, for $39.99 per month you’ll get 100GB of storage and a video player (in addition to all the previous features).

Check out this Shopify app on the app store.

#4: SendOwl

SendOwl is a “veteran” in the digital downloads space and is known for being reliably reliable.

They fulfill digital download orders via email and the thank you page (but they don’t currently offer support for the customer account page)

SendOwl supports license keys, PDF stamping, and even selling bare URLs.

Email templates can be customized and translated to other languages.

Most merchants find it easy to use and worth the price.


You can sell up to 10 digital products associated with 1GB of storage at $9.99 per month.

Alternatively, merchants can sell up to 30 digital products associated with 3GB of storage (with PDF stamping and customization) for $15 per month.

If the $15/month plan isn’t sufficient for a Shopify store like yours, you can try the $24/month plan which lets you sell 100 digital products associated with 5GB of storage (with video streaming) for $24 per month.

At $39 per month, you’ll be able to sell 250 digital products  (with user permissions) associated with 15GB of storage.

#5: Downloadable Digital Assets by Massive Monkey Limited

Downloadable Digital Assets offers 3 methods of digital fulfillment:

1. Emails (with download links)

2. Customer accounts

3. Thank you page

Their features include PDF stamping, easy migration flows, personalized files, limitations, and more.

Let’s get into the details that matter for your Shopify business.

PDF Stamping 

you can stamp customers details onto PDFs to prevent unauthorized sharing of material. You can also lock the file (so customers cannot remove stamping)


you can import order history from a previously used digital downloads app to migrate smoothly without interruptions in your day-to-day.


download limits (how many times a customer can download files), time limitations (file expiration dates), limit customers to download from a predefined number of IPs (advanced)

One big noticable CON is that it does not support digital license keys slightly frowning face


Downloadable Digital Assets offers a free plan that includes 2GB of storage, 1 asset per product (unlimited products though), high speed download link, and no limitations on file type or size.

They also offer an additional 3 plans to accustom to different business needs – $5 per month, $19 per month, and $35 per month. 

Here’s the breakdown:

At $5 per month,you’re getting 5GB of storage, 2 assets per product, PDF stamping, and the ability to download files from a thank you page.

Then, you have the scale plan at $19 per month, 20GB storage, 5 assets per product, fraud detection, customized email templates, and email tracking are included.

Finally, $35 per month will get you 75 GB of storage, unlimited assets per product, user account downloads, custom email address, and set IP limits.

#6: Lulu Direct by Lulu Publishing

Create, Sell and Ship books easily with the Lulu Direct App – that’s their line, not ours.

The hardest thing to reconcile for merchants using Lulu direct for selling books is the learning curve.

It’s not easy to use by far and there are rough edges, but the app provides massive value – especially for authors looking to self-publish.

The support is stellar though, and they’re looking to help in any way they can.

This is more of a author’s book fulfillment app than a digital downloads application.


The pricing model is based on the books printed and shipped by Lulu.

#7: Digital Downloads by Shopify

This is probably the first digital download app you’ll hear about.

But is it the the one you want to use?

Digital Downloads by Shopify lets you:

– attach files to products (by linking those digital files to variants)

– transmit digital files in an email to customers

– update customers (with a new email) with the new file

At the end of the day though, will it meet your business’s needs?

Shopify’s Digital Downloads app has many users up in arms about it.

What about, you might ask.

We found 3 consistencies in all the user complaints.

1. Limits in functionality

– Doesn’t let customers redownload files from account page (they have to go searching for an obscure email)

– Doesn’t let Shopify merchants upload multiple files

2. Outdated interface

3. Issues with fulfillment – sometimes, files aren’t even delivered and Shopify merchants have to wait for customers to complain about it.

#8: Kable Digital Products

With Kable Digital Products, you can attach files to products seamlessly with extreme flexibility – they even allow Shopify merchants to connect custom files per order.

How great is that? They also offer email and SMS notification customizations built in along with an order status page built to your liking.

You can sell music, books, vouchers, PDFs, and license keys.

You can also set file download restrictions, but they don’t seem very mature at the moment.


Their pricing tiers do seem a little steep – at $9.99 you get up to 3 products (with the download limitations discussed above), and email and SMS notifications.

At $24/mo you get up to 10 products and an order status page customization.

For the advanced plan at $49/mo, you get up to 50 products, license key protection, audio & video streaming, and (5GB+ files).

#9: Digital Downloads by Uplinkly

Digital Downloads by Uplinky is meant for merchants that want to fulfill digital products automatically – even in complex scenarios.

They offer functionality for bundling, PDF stamping, and more.

For one, you can build a branded download page to drive more traffic.

For another, you can use PDF stamping and protect your content.

It’s also a breeze to manage customer orders – it’s all in one place.


You’ll be able to sell up to 10 digital products (500 MB storage limit) with their free plan – and support. 

For those going with the starter plan at $9/month you’ll get 20 products, and 3GB of storage – along with PDF stamping.

Then, there’s the professional plan at $19/month 50 products & 10GB of storage is the limit for professionals. You’ll also get free customization options from Uplinkly.

For those looking to get the most out of the app, you can look at the business plan which goes for $49/month with unlimited products and 100GB of storage.

#10: Courses by Architechpro OÜ

For those looking to get into online courses, Courses by Architechpro OÜ is an absolute must – at least to look over.

Courses lets you create bundles and memberships to improve brand loyalty and increase average order value – you can also track the progress of your members in the dashboard.

You can stream content live with Zoom or provide pre-made content.

You can stream video, Zoom live webinars, offer text/quiz formats, and more.


 5 lessons per store are free with course progress tracking and app branding included.

 The basic plan (around $29.99/month) allows 20 lessons per store along with the ability to restrict course access by time.

 You’ll also be able to use drip content distribution strategies with the basic plan.

 The professional plan (around $49.99/month) allows up to 100 lessons per store, quiz course types, and progress tracking.

 Finally, the enterprise plan (around $199.99/month) allows an unlimited amount of lessons, along with membership, bundle, and custom certificate functionality.

 #11: Unlimited Digital Downloads

Unlimited Digital Downloads by Sellkite Business makes selling and fulfilling digital products as seamless as they can.

One click and you’re setup to sell multiple digital products.

This app supports all types of digital files and assets – Ebooks, PDFs, music, and videos.

You can even use license keys for security – at a moment’s notice.


With the free plan, you can fulfill 3 digital orders and setup 3 digital products (10 MB digital storage in total). 

In addition to that, you can have 3 digital licenses on the free plan for Unlimited Digital Downloads.

The basic plan at $9.99/month is unlimited – for everything.

Unlimited digital order fulfillment, unlimited digital products, unlimited storage, and unlimited digital license keys.

#12: Foridev ‑ Selling Codes app

This digital downloads app is all about selling codes.

If you are a Shopify merchant looking to sell license keys and codes, this is one of the apps you definitely want to take a look at.

It’s definitely less mature than the other apps on the list, but that has it’s pros as well.

For one, the team will be able to focus on any issues you encounter.

Any customizations can also be done quickly without having to wait weeks for turnaround time.

Inventory can be automatically managed for unique codes/keys and you’ll have an option to receive reports on that inventory.

So how does pricing compare to the other apps on this list?


At $15/month and a 27-day free trial, Shopify merchants can get a great deal with a business focused on it’s smaller customer base.

#13: Digital Downloads ‑ Filemonk

Filemonk’s Digital Downloads is a new app in the space of selling digital products.

However, their app is completely free with the basic functionality merchants need covered.

You can customize email templates to fit your brand and target customer.

Even tracking is done for you – just navigate to the orders tab to see your data.

Did I mention it yet? The app is an embedded Shopify app so you don’t even have to leave the dashboard while managing your digital products and orders.

This is definitely a digital download Shopify app you want to check out – even if they don’t offer what you need, you might be able to get it just by sending a request to their support team –


Digital download apps are aplenty on the Shopify app store – see for yourself.

Finding the right digital download app to meet your business’s needs won’t be easy.

It is something worth getting right though.

Having to migrate over to another app, especially when you’ve put the work in for one of them, costs businesses time and money.

At the end of the day, you need Shopify apps that’ll help your store not hamper it.

That’s best done by researching apps and their reviews if possible to make the best decision for your business.

Once you do find the right digital downloads app, consider trying our Uptime monitor tool.

It’ll make sure the digital download app you choose to use to fulfill your orders will have 100% uptime no matter what.

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