White Label CBD Dropshipping: Online Dropship CBD Business Guide

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Yes, you can dropship CBD products online.

Categories like hemp oil, lotions, isolates, gummies, capsules, topicals and more can be dropshipped.

Now that we’ve established setting up an online dropshipping business (using a platform like Shopify) in the USA for oil, gummy, and other cannabis-based products is definitely possible – let’s answer the next logical question.

Is this business profitable for CBD dropshippers?

Profitability of Dropshipping CBD: Is It Profitable for Merchants?

Dropshipping CBD products can be extremely profitable.

 If businesses use the right CBD suppliers, marketing tactics, and products – they can leverage the benefits of their CBD dropshipping program to it’s greatest potential.

 Programs like Ecosciences provide merchants with the ability to cash in on margins up to 50%.

Choosing the right program is going be a big part in your business’s success.

Below is a list of the best white label CBD dropshipping suppliers.

List of Best CBD White Label Dropshipping Suppliers

#1: Charlotte’s Web 

Charlotte’s Web dropshipping program is one of the most reputable out there.

Their branding is extremely well known and the product they supply is some of the best on the market.

Their supply options include topicals, gummies, CBD for dogs, capsules, and oils.

 The process of dropshipping Charlotte’s Web hemp/CBD products is simple: merchants sign an agreement of dropshipping, and sales can begin.

 This assumes you have a website already, along with a high risk merchant processor for payments and a shopping cart compatible with their management system.

 You can email dropshipping@charlottesweb.com to get started with this program.

#2: Ecosciences

As a CBD white label supplier, Ecosciences has unique offerings.

Their shipping times and support team are made for merchants looking to grow and scale big.

The only requirements are having an ecommerce website and a merchant account for processing payments.

At 50% margins, they offer some of the most appealing sales potential for CBD/hemp dropshippers.

They also command a respectable amount of brand recognition and reputation so dropshippers won’t have as much difficulty selling product.

Their white label operation enables CBD / hemp dropshippers to sell capsules, tinctures, gummies, additives, drinks, and creams.

#3: LongleafPro

LongLeafPro’s dropshipping program is committed to helping CBD and hemp merchants maintain a simple supply chain while ensuring high standards of fulfillment.

You’ll be able to leverage an inventory of topicals, tinctures, beauty and personal care products, pet CBD treats, and more on your ecommerce store.

Once you’re setup and dropshipping with LongLeafPro, there’s still more you can work with them on.

They offer operational and marketing training, access to CBD customer data, and a vendor relationship that’s focused on the long-term.

You can start the process by emailing info@longleafpro.com.

#4: SmokeDrop

SmokeDrop helps merchants sell products from the best dropshipping suppliers across the industry.

That means you don’t have to tie yourself in a relationship with a specific vendor or become entirely dependent on one.

The process is simple: add the products you want to sell in Smoke Drop to your store of the thousands in the catalog.

Once that’s done, your inventory will automatically synchronize and order management will be completely automated.

That means the processing, billing, and fulfillment aspects of the order will be done without any work on your part and you can spend more time on bringing in more customers.

You can also buy in bulk using SmokeDrop.

They currently support Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

#5: Spocket

Starting your CBD dropshipping business without being restricted to a single supplier is the way spocket’s program assists CBD and hemp merchants.

Their dashboard lets you explore the most popular dropshipping products in a niche so you can use it for CBD market research as well.

Once you’ve picked the products you’d like to start out with, you can order samples in the dashboard for each product to ensure your quality standards are met.

Spocket integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Wix.

80% of suppliers on the platform are based in the US (or Europe) so quick delivery and fulfillment times are the normal.

#6: Absolute Nature CBD

Absolute Nature CBD supplies CBD oil, flower, gummies & edibles, salves, and other CBD products for dropshipping purposes.

They support Shopify, Easy Cart, and WooCommerce.

Their benefits include same day shipping, no MOQs (minimum order quantities), lab reports (for each batch)/third party testing – and their prices reflect up to 50% off of retail prices.

#7: TigerOne

TigerOne’s program for dropshipping requires customers to have a website or physical location beforehand.

After satisfying that requirement, each order placed inside the EU will have an additional 1.50 euro added to the total (3.50 euros for orders made outside the EU) 

Their program includes an API so you can completely automate any business processes.

Merchants with more than 50 orders a month and or that have a turnover of more than 5,000 pounds a month is enough to quality for the program’s API.

The TigerOne team ensures additional packaging for dropshipping orders made outside the EU.

#8: JoyOrganics

JoyOrganics is a CBD white label program that offers it’s partners access to big benefits.

As a CBD merchant, you’ll get a fulfillment guarantee of 7-10 days delivery time.

Their program also supports merchants by providing training with CBD consumer insights and advice on marketing.

You can even leverage their customer support team to scale your business.

Other benefits include lab testing and QR codes, label design services, dedicated account specialists, and closeout specials.

Their inventory ranges from CBD creams to edibles to vape pens & cartridges.

#9: Folium Biosciences

Folium Biosciences provides white label solutions developed by experts in the hemp industry.

Their list of white label products range from hemp oil salves to to hemp oil dog supplement hip and joint tablets.

Dropshipping CBD products with this brand has a hard-to-replace advantage: a team of experts in the field that are constantly pushing the ball forward and offering new products for consumers.

If you feel like you’d like to partner with Folium Biosciences, you can call 719.574.2159 for a customer service rep.

#10: CBD Hemp Experts

For CBD Hemp Experts, launching a line of CBD products shouldn’t empty the bank.

Their dropshipping/white label CBD program saves merchants money and time by leveraging their one of a kind wholesale operations.

If you aren’t sure what CBD / hemp products you want to list online, you can always order a sample.

Next, you’ll need to give them a call at 904.900.4747 to get a quote on your first purchase order.

Their white label program requires 3 steps:

  • Send in your customized shipping labels
  • Conduct sample order (optional)
  • Make purchase order (requires minimum order quantity – available upon request)

Their portfolio of white label CBD products includes CBD oil, tinctures, skin care, rubs, edibles, water soluble CBD and more.

#11: Neurogan

Neurogan is a wholesale CBD supplier that enables online and brick-and-mortar businesses a chance to sell quality & tested CBD products.

They offer a 30 day guarantee on all fulfillment, and free U.S. shipping on $50+ orders.

Their CBD products are OK kosher certified & vegan certified – with full spectrum or THC free broad spectrum CBD available to dropshippers.

Minimum order quantities of 100 are required AND minimum order values of $1000 are required.

These requirements are only applicable for low order values – contact their customer support team to get more info on your specific operation and fulfillment needs.

#12: Partnered Process

Another CBD dropshipping supplier, partnered process is a wisconsin based facility supplying hemp oils, capsules, tinctures, smokables.

Their white label CBD program integrates with your branding so your customers will never need to know about “Partnered Process.”

Inventory is sourced directly from farmers to deliver CBD products of the highest quality.

You can call 262-875-6886 to get in touch with a partnered process customer service representative to get your CBD dropshipping started.

CBD Private Label

What about CBD private label dropshipping suppliers? 

You can look into excellent brands like Batch.

BATCH is a CBD/hemp company with a focus on quality and authenticity.

It’s dropshipping and private label program is an opportunity for merchants looking to go unique.

Selling the experience along with the product will bring it to life and BATCH is dedicated to helping merchants do just that.

Their offering includes tinctures, creams & salves, topical gels, and gummies.

Your BATCH white label experience starts with an inquiry.

As soon as you’ve finalized details, you can finalize your product – you’ll get ingredient lists, label dimensions, and everything else you’ll need.

Once the product development and sampling stages are complete, your order will be ready to be received within a timeframe of 2-4 weeks.

You’ll also be able to have a meeting with their marketing team to go over strategies you can leverage to grow a customer base.

It’s also an opportunity for free shoutouts: their blog and email traffic will get to see you.

We Design & Develop Websites for CBD Dropshippers

Examples of Dropshipping CBD Products

Delta 8 Dropshipping: Can You Sell Delta 8 Products?

You can currently sell delta 8 CBD products on a platform like Shopify as long as it’s THC levels is less than 0.3%.

Delta 9 Dropshipping: Can You Sell Delta 9 Products?

Yes – you can sell delta 9 CBD products on platforms like Shopify. Again, merchants need to make sure those CBD/hemp products have THC levels below 0.3%.

As long as that is the case, you’ll be able to sell those products.

Find the Right CBD Payment Processor

Since CBD products are labeled as high-risk products, you’ll need to use a processor that supports CBD and hemp products.

If you choose to develop your CBD ecommerce site on Shopify, you might want to consider using DigiPay, Authorize.net, or Sezzle.

This article of ours goes over a list of high risk payment processors – which covers CBD and hemp products as well.

Shopify’s default processor won’t process payments for CBD and hemp products. Paypal and Stripe also do not accept payments for CBD products.

Platforms for Dropshipping CBD/Hemp


Using Shopify as a platform to sell CBD is a decision many merchants decide to make.

The platform has 6000+ apps that enable merchants to bring customers the best online experience.

It has large support from third party payment processors and gateways – especially for high risk products like CBD/hemp. 

Your online business’ flexibility and opportunities will expand – Shopify offers a wide array of integration options available to meet every business’s need.

Getting started on the platform is also very easy.


Bigcommerce is another player in the CBD space, but it typically serves enterprise customers better overall.

You’ll see brands like Skullcandy, Old Spice, and Tyler’s using the platform.

Brands using Bigcommerce benefit from the great customer support and the similar pricing options to Shopify.

It’s another platform that has many CBD payment processor integrations.


WooCommerce is the second biggest platform in the space and it brings a large array of advantages to CBD merchants.

First, there’s the option of selling in the UK: one big disadvantage to using Shopify (at the moment), is CBD merchants are restricted from selling in the uk.

For CBD merchants using the WordPress & WooCommerce app, it’s no longer an issue.

WordPress does come with a learning curve though, so don’t expect the same user-friendly nature of Shopify.

Also if you decide to use any Automattic (the maker of WooCommerce) services besides for WooCommerce, you’ll have to use one of their specified payment gateways solutions – Square or Viva Wallet.

Selling CBD on WooCommerce has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages worth 

thinking about.

Promoting CBD Products Online

Sharing your products so customers can find them might seem straightforward, but the CBD industry is in a disadvantaged position.

Taking advantage of Google ads, Facebook ads, or Instagram ads are heavily monitored for CBD products.

Successfully creating an ad on these platforms is a big challenge.

Understanding and utilizing alternative methods of marketing can help your brand grow online without worrying about your ad being taken down for heavy compliance requirements.

Methods of Promoting CBD Products for Dropshipping

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website’s content.

Making your content as easy to read by search engines like Google will make it more likely searchers will find your products and website pages.

Following recommended guidelines by Google – like using your page title correctly – can also help boost your rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search.

Optimizing your search presence is a large industry and it is constantly changing – using tools like Semrush, aHrefs, and Google’s Search Console can give you insights into your rankings.

Those tools can also help you boost your rankings by providing suggestions.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is great for increasing brand awareness into CBD products.

Getting more reach and and engagement can help build your brand and drive customers your way.

There are multiple types of influencers.

Celebrity influencers typically have audiences from 1 million+. 

Think Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian.

The next type of influencer is macro. They’re influencers who have around 100k-500k audience members and still have enormous influence.

Micro influencers usually have 10 thousand to 100 thousand followers, and the final influencer category “Nano” has less than even 10 thousand followers.

Depending on your campaign and long-term strategy, you’ll want to leverage these influencers in different ways.

For brand awareness campaigns, using macro and celebrity influencers is the best way to go.

Campaigns to drive immediate action usually find the best results with the second two categories: nano and micro.

Podcast Marketing

One of the best ways to make potential customers comfortable with a product they are uncomfortable with is podcasting.

As you pick up on eager listeners, you’ll notice these are usually the most active of buyers.

Creating long-form content in a conversational style can open up consumers in ways other types of marketing just can’t.

Over 98 million people in America are listening to podcasts this year.

Since consumer research shows a majority of listeners don’t mind sponsorship, you’ve practically found an unsaturated method of marketing which your competitors are too blind to use.

Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing for CBD Dropshippers

When you’re dropshipping CBD/hemp products, you want to avoid the pitfalls of false claims/terminology.

These types of claims can legally impact a business.

They can also affect the way customers see your products and can have an off putting effect.

The following are recommended actions to improve conversion rates and stay compliant.

You should include asterisks(*) at the end of these phrases/statements

If you make a claim, you should probably include an asterisk along with a section (in the footer perhaps) that makes it clear the products are not designed to cure or prevent a disease. 

In addition, include a notice that the statements made are not assessed by the FDA.

You should not make any health claims

Any terminology meant to convey a CBD or hemp product solves or prevents should be avoided.

Instead, phrase it so customers perceive it as a supplemental product.

You cannot refer to the healing abilities / therapy of a product, disorders, the body’s immune system, pain, or a state of ailment.

The State of CBD Dropshipping

Dropshipping CBD on platforms like Shopify offer great promise and reward.

However, convincing customers to buy your product is a big challenge in an industry wrought with mistrust.

Making sure your website performs well, embraces customers, and provides the best user experience possible are going to make a big difference for your bottom line.